How have bags and luggage evolved over the past few years?

AT15 Luggage Tracker

Whether you travel a little for pleasure or a lot of business, almost everyone uses luggage, and everyone has their own personal preferable brand of luggage. Some will choose the stylish and expensive pieces while others will stick to the durable and functional pieces– all good choices. Just like the best jean brands and the best boots, luggage is something that can be selected either for looks or for functionality.

What is smart Luggage?

It has been observed from last few decades that people are more prone to smart luggage! The question here arises is that have you heard of smart luggage? Well, it’s a” thing” a mind-blowing amazing thing, the future is here and people are buying it. Smart luggage is the up-to-the-minute buzz word for the tech-aware traveller thirsting for the most up-to-date innovations. If you want your luggage to have built-in tracking, Wi-Fi hotspots, GPS, Remote locking, 3D G-sensor, SIM cards, GPS, and long standby batteries Smart Luggage is for you!


If you don’t want to buy a smart baggage, you can just go for a bag tracking device to place in your existing luggage. This kind of luggage tracking systems is designed to shut down during flights and reanimate once the plane is securely at the terminal to stay security and in-flight regulation friendly. You will never lose a bag to an airline again with this tracking system.


Travelling with the Coolest High-Tech Luggage

The innovation of smart luggage is a noteworthy development in the world of travel technology. Just be sure when you’re beholding for the right smart bag that you prefer one that has a long standby battery, real-time location management, and automatic remote upgrade, GPS/LBS/AGPS/Wifi multi-mode positioning and global SIM acceptance.


The Benefits of Using an Asset Tracker (AT15)

  • You can be sure that your luggage will find its end destination much faster if it does get lost somehow.
  • You can trace your luggage using customize apps and open API
  • You can link your luggage tracker to more high-tech equipment, such as smart luggage, which traces itself!
  • Hassle free experience and more time to relax and enjoy the vacations.
  • It fits in any size bag, making it SMART, traceable and convenient.

THINKRACE Technology– makes your travelling experience more secure!

To simplify the task of attaching the luggage tracker into your bag, one of our clients shaped up the idea of creating the suitcases and bag which have the inbuilt tracker. This will make the suitcase smart and consumer-friendly. This methodology not only helped them to augment their sales but changed the term of luggage to smart luggage.

Who we are

Being a leader in GPS tracking solution provider, we brought to you with superlative products and services. With the help of our proficient R&D team and numerous years of experience, we provide products and services which are proven to help travellers from losing their luggage or ever worrying about lost luggage, upgrading the bags you own with a “smart” and linked solution for stress-free travel. Furthermore, to give a complete sense of gratification, we deliver ODM/OEM/JDM kind of services in which you can avail the benefit of bespoke products. We focus on delivering innovating manufacturing bag tracking devices at competitive prices!