How Russia children’s welfare association used GPS tracker for their differently abled children?

kids safety gps tracking

Economic downturn, breakdown of family structure, deterioration of social services, increase in domestic violence led to number of street children in Russia. The stats of street children range from 120,000 to 150,000, with the possibility of 3 million children roaming on the street. Among this, there are 13 million differently abled children neglected by family and society. These children often receive no education.

Our Client’s Story:

A Russia based children’s welfare association supports raising these special children. They have around 1300 children in their foundation who receive proper care and education. But the biggest challenges they were facing with these special children is tracking their whereabouts. The welfare was in a need of a tracking device through which they can freely send their children in the outside world.

Real-time solution:

ThinkRace Technology is the leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company. Helped many schools, institutions, colleges, healthcare center, NGOs, etc with their kids tracking device.

When, they turned to ThinkRace Technology to help them in this problem. We properly examined there situation as well as their need. They not only wanted a tracking device, they were looking for a solution through which they can mark a safe area for their kids. A device which not only tells the real-time location but even notify when they exit the campus without their knowledge.

Our team carefully went through their requirement and promised to help them with a tracker. According to their requirement we represented them with a sample of kids safety GPS tracking device. The device was featured with real-time tracking, two-way calling, remote voice monitoring, geo fencing, SOS emergency button etc. After a week, when we were expecting the feedback call from the association, which turn out to be the order of 1000+ kids GPS tracker. The association not only liked the product but even praised the inbuilt features like two-way calling, voice monitoring, geo-fencing and SOS button for security.

Helpful features in kids’ smart watch:

  • With multi-mode positioning (GPS, LBS, WIFI and AGPS), get real-time location of your kids whereabouts as well as the history tracking for 3 months.
  • Two-way calling helps them to make and receive call.
  • Geo-fencing so that you can stay alert when they enter or exit the area.
  • Voice monitoring so that you can remotely monitor their surrounding and can take appropriate action if you find something fishy.
  • SOS panic button to safeguard them in any sort of emergency situation.

With the experience of more than a decade we have skilled in manufacturing kids GPS smart watch. Our kids GPS tracker ODM/OEM/JDM service helped Russia based children welfare to create a tracking solution with their company’s logo. To assist them completely we have helped them with app & application platform. Our experienced engineers provided complete customization of app & application. If your kids’ welfare organization, health care center, school or institute is in a need of kids GPS tracking device then feel free to connect with us.