Find out why Pet GPS Tracker is best for your furry friends

pet safety with gps device


After USA, Russia is the second largest pet lover country with an estimate of 90 million pets. Almost 63% of Russia households have pets. Among which 30 million are dogs and 46 million are cats. Apart from companion pets, there are more than 30 million stray pets roaming free on streets.

Each year more than 7-10 million companion pets are lost. In today’s world, Pets are considered as a family member and most often treated like children.  As a pet owner, nothing is more disheartening than losing your pet. These four-legged fellows slowly take a large room in our heart. No wonder why we take our pets safety so seriously.

Just like human these pets love roaming, visiting a park, or a long drive. Nobody wants to lose their pets but as per the survey, more than 40% Russian family lose their loved ones each year.

Prevention is better than cure. Understanding how and why your pet animals get stolen or lost is the key to prevention.

How to prevent your Pets from getting stolen or lost?

  • Until and unless the pet gets familiar environment, they always look for an opportunity to run away.
  • Sometime in curiosity, they run behind the owner’s vehicle and lost their way to home.
  • Theft can be the other reason behind the disappearance of your pets. Make sure you close your door to prevent them from drifting off.

Divided attention sometimes leaves them lonely. Just like the human, animals understand the word of love and affection.

Growing technology has made our life much easier. GPS Pet tracker manufacturer ThinkRace Technology understands your love for these animals. From past 11 years, we are leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company. The Company provides OEM/ODM/JDM GPS services and assembles 8000+ devices per day. GPS Pet tracker ODM is the one-in-all solution to your pet related problems. GPS tracking device for animals is all you need for the safety and security of your pets.

Features of smart Pet tracker:

With this smart collar locator, you can easily track the location of your pets. All you need to do is attach GPS pet tracker with a collar of your pet and let them move freely. Real-time GPS tracking feature helps you track your pets. SOS button on this collar provides emergency help.  Geo-fencing let you set a safe boundary and once your pet leaves the predefined area it alerts you.  This tracking device comes with splash proof feature. No matter whether it’s a summer season or rainy season, monitor your dog every time via your smartphone or iOS device.

Benefits of Pet tracker ODM:

  • Prevent your pets from becoming lost or stolen
  • Geo-fence protection alerts you when your pet exits their designated area
  • It is easy to use.

Try to fill the gap between you and your pets. Love them, protect them and top-most understand them. With given GPS Pet tracking device and precaution measures hope you never lose your pets.

Russia- doesn’t lose your pet again!