GPS Tracker For Car VT33/VT33+

Model No: VT33

VT33 GPS vehicle tracking solution gives you instant location information of your vehicle. You can access the location of your car, bus, truck, boat or motorbike easily through our GPS based tracking apps and applications. Get assistance with information like fuel usage, trip report, and car engine condition, parking condition, over speeding and so on. Get an intelligent notification if some tries to steal your vehicle. Keep track of every vehicle in your fleet with GPS vehicle location tracking device.



  • Real-time Position
    Providing information of vehicle position, driving direction, speed ect, and realtime check the vehicle position via map.
  • null
    History Playback
    Checking driving route at anytime and dynamically playback drive route on map.
  • turn-notifications-on-button (1)
    Vibration Alarm
    Intelligent anti-theft for vehicle with internal vibration sensor, alarm is activated when there’s vibration.
Vehicle tracker Device VT33
  • null
    Power Outage Alarm
    Alarm statistics can be reviewed in the tracking system.
  • null
    Mileage report, parking report, over speed report etc.
  • picket-fence (1)
    Alarms will be activated when vehicle get in or out the setting area.




Working Voltage



110mAh/3.7V Li-polymer battery

GSM frequency




Working current

28.6mA sleep mode: 5.3mah

Working time

1 hour


Class 12,TCP IP

GPS chipset

MTK high sensitivity chip

GPS channel


Location accuracy

<10 meters



Operating temperature


Device weight


Box weight


Product Features

Detects proper GPS position of the vehicles

Intelligent power saving design

Electronic Fences

Multiple alarms to notify you

Fleet management solution

Over speed and displacement alarm

VT33 vehicle tracking system gives you great service with the real-time movement of your vehicle, hours of operation of the vehicle, geo-fence alerts and so on. By logging into Android or IOS device, you can access and view live or history tracking any time of your vehicle. ThinkRace Technology is the leading manufacturer of GPS tracking devices; we provide total security for your fleet by offering you ODM/OEM/JDM services.

Monitor driving behaviour

With advanced motor vehicle tracking system of VT33, switch
to a smarter and efficient vehicle tracking system and get complete
reports on driving style and behaviour of your fleet drivers.

Boon for automobile and f fleet industry

VT33 vehicle tracking technology is Ideal for the monitoring of fleet and
automobile, you can monitor the whole fleet and automobile industry from
mapping platform with simply and effectively. All the combined features of this device make one of a kind.

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