How IoT set to transform luggage business? – The next big Transformation


The Internet of Things is playing an important role in our lives. From car to wearable and now even in cattle industry – IoT is transforming every area, and seemingly this is just the beginning.

One of the areas currently being transformed by IoT is the luggage industry. Lost Luggage was the major issue of every traveler but with tracking technology you can keep the track of your luggage.

IoT technology can be a game changer in your luggage business. Where other business areas are continuously transforming, it’s time for the luggage industry to adopt the new technologies.

The wheels on suitcase end our wrestling with the tightly packed suitcase. This transformation not only made travelling easy with heavy suitcase but even made it stylish. From suitcase to trolley bag, backpack to hand bags one thing is common in them – our important belongings. We carry passport, jewelry, money, important papers, electronic devices etc.

How IoT enabled luggage tracking can transform your luggage business?


Thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) technology, remote tracking from vehicle to luggage everything is possible and can reduce the risk of business, minimize inventory, save money and can make life easier for consumers. IoT-enabled luggage tracking can be equally beneficial like vehicle tracking.

Today customers expect reliable, efficient connected devices that serve their purpose. When it comes to luggage industry an efficient tracking system is the perfect solution for customers. Increase in the rate of lost luggage gave rise to luggage tracking device. Your customers will not only get real-time tracking but even gets complete security of their belongings.

One such lost baggage tracking device is ThinkRace Technology’s luggage tracker.

GPS technology included in it provides real-time monitoring, illegal removal alarm notifies when the device is removed from your luggage without your consent. 3D-G sensor ensures that tracking is done without any glitch, though the luggage locator is placed deep inside. Get instant tracking directly from your mobile phone via our App & Application customization.


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