How tracking devices help taxi companies to manage their fleet easily?

OBD for taxi


Transportation plays a vital role in everyone’s life. And managing the transportation system is not an easy task.  Three wheeler, taxis, buses and even rickshaw are counted under the mode of transportation. But out of them, the one in which more than half of the population is dependent is “taxi services”

From coaching classes to professional one, all prefer to book cabs or taxis for their daily Journey. As cabs and taxis are the cheapest option which provides a door- to- door service, flexible and available to the general public. When we talk about a particular country like Russia, there are people who are also taking the advantage of taxi services but there will be little differences.

A new rule for taxi service in FIFA world cup 2018

As we all know, Russia is one of the Host Cities for 2018 FIFA World Cup. Russia is a country where rules and regulations always play a significant role in every aspect whether it’s a personal event or professional one.

Recently Russia has developed a new rule for taxi service in FIFA world cup 2018, the rule is every taxi will have to outfit their vehicles with yellow registration plates and top lights and have to obtain permits for service during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia in the first six months of 2018 and also recommend that cab drivers learn some basic phrases in English.  For example, they should be able to say their fares, trip duration and the shortest route.

How will the market for fleet management systems for commercial vehicles in Russia evolve in 2018 and beyond?

Fleet management is quite not easy. For managing fleet, the market has come up with various solutions to make things go smoother. As through a study, the installed base of fleet management systems in Russia/CIS will reach 9.1 million by 2021. So are you the one who will be counted under 9.1 million.

As Russia is strict towards the rules and regulations and everything takes place in the right way of management. But When we talk about taxis companies, which manages the entire management by itself faces lots of difficulties like analyzing real-time location, driving behaviour, mileage history and the fuel consumed by the one, all these faults make the entire process time-consuming.

But with the advancements in technology, everyone gets a solution of each and every single problem easily. If managing the fleet is the main issue you are facing than introducing your taxi business to the term “OBD Car GPS tracker”, will for sure make your business run effectively and smoothly.


How will OBD GPS car tracker help Russia in fleet management?

The concept and model of business plays a vital role in the expansion of the company and should modify according to the up gradation in the market. So basically for fleet managers of taxis and cabs, the current topic which they should really focus on is tracking devices. But why this you get to know from below mentioned points:

  • Acquire more control over drivers and vehicles
  • Less time spent on analyzing the time of departure and arrival, getting hold of traffic updates and the driving behaviour of the driver
  • Save on fuel consumption
  • Reduce road accidents
  • Prevent dubious reporting
  • Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Track and recover lost vehicles
  • Customer gets better service having real-time access about the location of their assets
  • Lessen driver frustration while on the road, increasing employee satisfaction all around
  • Reduce cost of insurance
  • Lessen maintenance costs

Taxis meet different demand in different cities

The taxi industry has a central function in any public transport system; it is often given less prom-inane by city planners and policy makers compared to other modes of public transport. The function can be same but not the management of all the cities. When we talk about a particular country or city, the way of delivering services is different like rules and regulations, process of whole management and so on. But the challenges every fleet manager may face are same.

To overcome these challenges, you have to introduce your business to OBD Tracking system that offers you an insightful and powerful Fleet management features, like fleet monitoring, travel logging, navigation routing and safety. But it’s hard to choose the best one for your fleet management business as there are various options in the market who works in manufacturing small tracking devices for cars.  But only a few are there who serve as per your business requires that you can concentrate only on maximising profit and efficiency of your business.