The potential of smart watches in the nursing homes for elderly with Alzheimer’s

elderly care gps watch

The elderly residents in nursing homes for Alzheimer’s patient need extra care as there are chances of them to wander at any time, GPS tracking device is the one-stop solution. General practitioners are responsible for the delivery of such care to residents in these homes. The number of elderly patients living in nursing homes rose substantially in the late 1980s and in the 1990s, resulting in a rise in workload for general practitioners.

Concern has been expressed that the reduction in the provision for elderly people has increased the demand for general practitioners in this group of patients with high morbidity and disability. In response to these increasing demands, the arrangements made by general practices for delivering care to nursing homes seems to be consistent with the help of GPS elderly watch. The quality of care delivered to patients is coming under increasing scrutiny through the use of explicit measures like GPS smart watches.

However, It has been examined the overall quality of care given to elderly patients primary care or has judged the quality of care against agreed, explicit standards in patients living in nursing homes compared with patients living at home. It is an aim to evaluate one dimension of quality clinical care given to patients. Measures of the following components of clinical care use of GPS smart watch for the monitoring of elderly patients with Alzheimer’s. The clinical care is given to elderly patients living in nursing homes with the support of GPS smart watch.

Emergency calls– Nursing home’s medical environment with nurses and doctors onsite might be more appropriate for the patient than the social environment of an assisted living facility. Some nursing homes use GPS smart watches, which can be used to readily observe patients and make changes in medication when necessary.

Health monitor– People with mid- to late-stage Alzheimer’s may exhibit difficult behaviors. Most personnel in facilities receive training for dealing with these. You may have problems handling difficult behaviors, leading to stressful situations in case of Alzheimer’s patients. One of which could be of the health monitoring. It is a feature of GPS smart watch which cannot be ignored, getting vitals.

Independence to the patients– For people who suffer from Alzheimer’s, particularly in the earlier stages, the loss of the sense of independence is tough to take. GPS elderly watch technology allows nursing homes administration to maintain a great degree of independence if the patient wants to take a walk in the garden, by keeping track of the whereabouts of the patient.

Navigation– Wandering is a common behavior in people with Alzheimer’s, cognitive impairment can cause them to become disoriented and lost. Locator devices that use GPS smart watch can be assistive that can help to promote safe walking by alerting caregivers in nursing homes when a person with dementia wanders outside of a designated area and providing the geographic coordinates of that person so they can be found more easily.

Optimal dementia care in the nursing home setting adopts a person-centred perspective and focuses on maximizing resident’s quality of life. It refers to care that is individualized and adapted to the changing preferences, abilities, and needs of each person. ThinkRace Technology’s elderly watch design is a one-stop solution to the nursing homes, for the care of Alzheimer’s patients. With the 11+ years of experience, we provide the best of GPS trackers in the market.