Top 5 tips to prevent your luggage from getting misplaced on your next trip!

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According to a survey, every single day more than 3,000 bags are being lost at airport. It is an average of three bags per flight, 29 million mishandled bags per year. The graph goes higher with every passing day. Thousands of travelers every day suffer from lost baggage issue. They arrive at their destination, with no luggage. Standing at baggage carousel without your bags is the worst feeling and a terrible start to your trip.

Here you have top five things that every traveller must remember during their next trip.

Top 5 ways to avoid luggage problems from ruining your next trip

  1. Fly direct whenever possible: If possible try avoiding connecting flights. According to survey 45% cases of delayed bags occurred due to connecting flight. So, to minimize the odds of losing your baggage you must fly direct. Taking one or more layovers can be cheaper than direct flight but in this case, your luggage won’t make the transfer in time.
  2. Label your bag properly: Don’t forget to label your bag properly. It’s crazy to see that people don’t take this simple yet effective measure seriously. Labelling your bag with your name outside and inside can help the airlines to find your luggage.
  3. Pack your valuables in your carry-on bags: Having the valuable on your hand make it easy to deal with missing bag. Make sure you carry your jewellery, passports, medication, money and booking information in your carry-on bags. Make these things handy so that you don’t have to struggle much with your lost luggage. Till the time, Airlines find your luggage you can continue your trip.
  4. Avoid late check-ins and tight connections: Late check-ins and tight connections are the common reason why your baggage ends up in wrong flight. Try giving as much time at the airport, so that the crew can put your bags on the right flight.
  5. Use GPS Luggage tracker: The best solution to your problem is using a GPS Luggage tracker. With the help of luggage tracking device, you can track the real-time location of your luggage. GPS luggage tracker manufacturer – ThinkRace Technology is ranking among the leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Companies. 11 years of successful work, more than 500 clients, comprehensive OEM/ODM/JDM services, capability to assemble 8000+ devices every day with only one aim, providing innovative manufacturing tracking products & services. Services such as GPS luggage tracker designed to allow travellers track their bags and valuables without any specific label. Not only this, through GPS luggage tracker ODM service we help you to build your own GPS luggage tracking service.

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